An ode to enjoying life
to the fullest: you are in the
Physio Natura universe

In nature you can find everything you need to be happy.

It is there, in that generous cycle of creation, that the desire to seek beauty and experience it on one’s own skin is born.

Our goal is to accompany you in your search for harmony in everyday life.

Through natural cosmetics, Physio Natura wants to lead you to recreate the balance you need to enjoy life fully, with all five senses.

Naturally derived actives
from all over Italy:
praise for uniqueness

The story of Physio Natura begins 25 years ago, with the birth of the natural cosmetics laboratory in Puglia: here all cosmetic products have always been created to meet the real needs of people and to be effective allies in the work of professionals and professionals of natural aesthetics. We stand by them and are committed every day to shaping natural treatments that exemplify deep, encompassing, lasting and sustainable beauty.

Our formulations are sustainable, encompassing and sensory and encapsulate the essence of the most diverse Italian territorial identities. Not just cosmetics for the body and face, but necessary and spontaneous gestures to connect with oneself, pause and take care of the daily needs of every type of skin and person.

Our values manifesto

01. Enjoy harmony

Physio Natura cosmetics create a tangible and sensory beauty experience. Thanks to the care with which we formulate textures and fragrances and to the manual skill contained in each professional treatment, the attention to one’s body is amplified, time stops, lightness emerges, far beyond the scope of the skin.

02. Nature & Technology

Our formulations are created with respect for the environment but also drawing from the best technology available on the market to allow nature to express its best self in each cosmetic.

03. Skinply you

The skin is our boundary with the world, a threshold through which we get in touch with what surrounds us, in a unique and individual way. Physio Natura is self-care, with simple gestures but full of meaning: indulge in small moments of beauty, with our cosmetics, appreciating the beauty of life.

04. Professional network

We believe that the greatest changes are those that are shared: that’s why we want to provide natural aesthetics professionals with a wide range of knowledge, cosmetic products and treatments capable of conveying harmony and well-being.

05. Sustainability

Each product conceived and created in our laboratories is the result of the research of the best ingredients present in Italy, in order to respect the environment and enhance biodiversity. We pay a lot of attention to the choice of the most ecological, recycled and recyclable packaging.

06. Made in Italy Lab

Physio Natura laboratories have twenty years of experience. The beauty we strive to achieve has a lasting value, as do our roots, anchored in clear and simple values: nature at the centre, with its secrets, its wonders and its prodigious effects on the skin.