Avelia Whitening Cream should be used for a period of at least two months, morning and evening, after thorough cleansing with Physio Natura Milk and Tonic. The use of Avelia Smoothing Serum, applied before the cream, is essential for the best results.

Without a doubt, the unbearable cold feeling is not due to increased skin sensitivity. Therefore, I recommend that you decrease the dose of cryofluid and dilute it with a little more water than what is standard.

Heat-activating liquid is contraindicated in case of capillary fragility, sensitive skin and in pregnancy.

We recommend avoiding substituting the Lactica mask in an alpha hydroxy acid treatment. However, we would like to stress that the Lactica line, and in particular the mask, SHOULD create this slight sensitisation of the area and that there is nothing to worry about. In case your client continues to have discomfort, we advise you, after the Lactica mask, to apply the Levia mask that will serve to attenuate the sensitisation of the area.

Regarding the manual massage, I suggest to do it immediately after the treatment with THERMOFLUID using the FUCUS EXTRACT BODY CREAM; while, in the case of the treatment with CRIOFLUID, manual massages are advised to be carried out one day before but in case it is not possible, you can also do it just before the treatment however not afterwards.

As a percentage put 3 of toner and 1 of water, follow the muscle bands and overlap the various layers. The first stripes are 2 “x’s” that start from the forehead towards the neck, the others follow the muscle bands. It needs to become a plaster, a nice strong mask.

Treatments should be done once a week. I suggest you precede your AVÈLIA whitening treatment with PHYSIO Natura LÀCTICA Professional Treatment with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA).

Avèlia professional treatment involves the use of a mask and 8 days should elapse between treatments. We recommend the use of Avèlia Intensive Cream and Serum for self-care.

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