Our commitment
to the environment

Driven by our love of nature and our deep respect for it, we have been working for several years on a path to achieve greater sustainability in cosmetics production.
Our commitment to the environment is based on the formulation of cosmetics made exclusively with naturally derived active ingredients, with careful research to support biodiversity, but also new methods of upcycling and circular economy in support of territories, local communities and small, virtuous farms.
We use packaging made only from sugarcane-derived plastic, which is reusable and produces less waste and, consequently, uses less energy for disposal.
In our workshops, we pay particular attention to reducing water wastage. We only use rainwater for cooling the turbo-motors, which is collected in a special cistern.

In December 2019, Physio Natura planted a manioka forest in Congo, called the Physio Natura White Forest, created in partnership with the “Milioni di Promesse” Association.
A project that supported the creation of a plantation of about 5 hectares of manioka in the Democratic Republic of Congo and that will support the life and economy of the local population and the activities of the association APMQ, Asbl ASSOCIATION POUR LA PROMOTION DE MINORITE QUALITATIVE.
Because only by sowing small concrete actions every day can the world be a better place.

"By sowing small, concrete actions, we can make the world a better place."