From the world of PDT Cosmetics, Physio Natura Beauty Centre & Store was born, a place that is a beauty centre and concept store at the same time, where everything is about well-being.
In addition to personal body care products, which can be purchased in our store, we provide you with state-of-the-art body care treatments for men and women, with an added value: the Physio Natura products and the protocols we use are all linked together, serving as personalised treatments for each specific need.
The quality of the product lines used in the cabin is combined with the high training and expertise of professional beauty trainers, for a journey into beauty that starts from the skin and caresses everyday life.


PDT Cosmetici was founded in 1996, thanks to the pharmaceutical expertise of Dr. Giovanni De Tommasi and his love of nature, the world of cosmetics and natural formulations, shared with his wife and co-founder Maria Antonietta Plantone.
A creation conceived by four hands, to provide a wide range of effective products, formulated and produced in-house.
After a few years, PDT offered the market a revolutionary line of products that crossed the borders of the national territory: Physio Natura. The more than 20-year success of the brand is marked by the determination of the entire team to make each cosmetic as close as possible to the concept of natural authenticity.
To mark 23 years of success, PDT opened the new decade with an important novelty: the opening of Physio Natura Beauty Centre & Store in Noci in December 2019. A concept store and a beauty centre in the same place, aimed at focusing on the well-being of the person, and is achieved through the use of natural cosmetics and an offer of specific and professional treatments dedicated to body care, for women and men.

Beauty Center

In Physio Natura Beauty Centre & Store the customer lives an experience of all-round wellness, relaxation and purification of body and spirit.
All specific treatments at Physio Natura Beauty Centre & Store use state-of-the-art technology to guarantee all customers the highest quality.

Beauty Centre services include:

  • Reception and advice
  • Massages for men and women
  • Acua couch massages
  • Facial treatment for men and women
  • Chromotherapy
  • Epilation and Laser Epilation
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Make-up
  • Hairstyling
  • Tea corner

Beauty Store

In order for the benefits obtained from our treatments to last, you must devote the necessary attention to your body, especially in the privacy of your own home.
For this reason our Beauty Centre is also a Store, a store where you can buy all the personal care products necessary to perpetuate the beneficial effects of the treatment carried out with our beauty experts.
The centre’s attentive staff will guide you in choosing the right Physio Natura cosmetics for you, with a choice of facial and body care products to suit your needs.

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